Medicare rebate, Private Health, NDIS + Home care Package Information

Medicare Funded Podiatry Visits (GP Care Plans)

Our standard fee is $70 and with a valid referral from your GP you will receive a Medicare rebate of $52.95 back into your medicare linked bank account within 24-48h. Podiatry services are only covered by Medicare to those with a referral provided by a General Practitioner.
For example, if you have a chronic disease such as: Diabetes, Arthritis, Vascular or Heart Disease or ANY other condition that effects your ability to care for your feet then talk to your doctor about a referral to ASAP Podiatry utilising a care plan. This is funded under the Chronic Disease Management initiative which was formally known as the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan.

Private Health Funds and Rebates

Due to health fund restrictions and regulations in Australia we are unable to provide a means of instant rebate claiming from a mobile terminal. We will provide you with an itemised receipt at the end of the consultation which is used to claim a refund directly from your provider.
The rebate amount you received from the insurance provider is subject to the terms and conditions of your insurance cover. Due to variations in plans, subsidies and rebates we are unable to provide any advice regarding what is and is not covered by your policy and we suggest you contact your insurance provider for more details.

Home Care Packages

We currently work with many home care package providers. If you have a home care package ask your provider about using our service. If there are any issues give us a call and leave your details and we will contact the provider on your behalf. We are cheaper than most home visit podiatrist so make your package budget go further with us.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

We are on the NDIS database and are ready to assist you with any of your podiatry needs. Remember we also come into the home to treat if your unable to get into the Mobile Clinic for mobility reasons.